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How many of you can proudly mention that your attitude towards studying is like that of the girl as shown in the above picture ?I guess only a few can do that..isn’t it?You have to accept a truth that learning is a “womb to tomb ” process, and for that reason, you have to make it as a part of your life.Recently I have completed my grade 12 board exam and I am eagerly waiting for the result declaration.My stream was science with maths.Initially, it was interesting to study but gradually most of us started losing our interest and hope as well.We thought that we will start learning when our model exam gets commenced but we could not complete our preparations for our first models.The marks secured by us in the first models snatched away our hope as a whole.We were studying from the beginning of the academic year but when we approached towards the end of the academic session we understood our mistakes but it was too late to be rectified.

Ice creams get tastier when its time to finish it and movies become exciting when it reaches the climax, in the same way for us we started gaining interest in studies when we were nearing exams.We regretted for not knowing the technique of studying initially.

What I wish to say to my young readers who are going to begin their grade 12 is that life is filled with many opportunities and your destiny is purely based on your decisions.You can decide whether you need to study in grade 12 or you want to hang out with your friends since it’s your last year in your school life.Everything is up to you.But make sure one thing that you should not let yourself be tortured by the remorse of not studying initially.Believe in God’s timing because everything that had happened in your life and those things which are going to happen in your life, everything is decided by that Omnipotent and Omnipresent Lord.

The difficulty level of anything in this world is determined by the magnitude of your interest towards it.Therefore the most imperative thing that is required for a grade 12 student is not any guide or study material but the keen interest in studying.
Here are some tips which I wish to share with you so that you can nail the exam.Subject wise tips are mentioned below .Kindly go through those tips and kindly give your valuable feedback.


english sub

English is the most scoring subject if you are a voracious reader.Even if you are not a voracious reader  but if you are perfect with all the formats of writing then you can excel in it.English is all about reading the text very deeply.Do not depend completely on the exercise questions.To have a clear idea about how the questions will be asked, it’s always suggested to refer some educational sites such as academic easy, learn cbse etc.As you all know English paper consists of three sections; reading, writing, literature, and long reading.Reading sections mainly contains three comprehensions among them one will be for note making and summary and the other will be for answering some questions carrying 1 or 2 marks.When you get the question paper first go through the questions given under the passage and then go for the passage so that it will be easy for you to find out the answer from the passage.Never leave the passage for doing at the end because its a section where you can score maximum marks.Now coming to the writing section.Be thorough with all the formats, because even  if you have written the given topic very beautifully but if your format is wrong then you will surely lose marks .Focus on the word limit.If you write beyond the word limit you won’t lose marks but you will lose your precious time.Last but not the least, is the literature and long reading section.For scoring full marks in the poetry section, you have to have a very thorough understanding of the poem.If you cannot understand all the poems you can leave one because only two poems will be given for exam.But if you are leaving one be perfect with  the rest.Then if you feel difficulty in reading the entire SILAS MARNER then at least go through the summary and some repeated questions.Don’t ignore English .Give equal importance to it.Even if all the exams go bad then English plays a very vital role in determining your percentage.

Maybe you may not be able to complete your English exam in your models because schools always grant exactly three hours whereas for the final exam 15 minutes will be given for reading the question paper. Utilise that 15 minutes effectively.If you follow all these tips surely you can score excellent marks in English..



Physics is the most interesting subject.If you feel that physics is a bit hard then the  only advice which can be given to you is that “Stay hungry Stay foolish” as Steve Jobs remarked.If you are not inquisitive then sorry, you cannot excel in it.For physics, we mainly have two textbooks; part 1 and 2.From the starting of your academic year in grade 12 start reading the textbook and solve all the example questions and if possible exercise as well additional exercises too.There are many diagrams and graphs given in the textbook.It is mandatory to be thorough with all those graphs and diagrams.Prepare your own notes and make separate notes for penning down all the important formulae. Frequently revise all the formulae.It is always recommended to make flash cards for last minute revision.For gaining better score in Physics start referring some useful guides such as oswaal,xam idea etc.These guides are really useful as the above-mentioned guides offer chapter wise important and repeated questions.When you are answering past papers you will understand the technique of answering the questions in physics papers.When you get a question, train yourself to think out of box.You should know how to connect each and every topic in physics.You should not restrict your knowledge to a single topic by seeing a particular word in the question given to you.Never wait till the last minute to begin your preparation.As you all know physics comprises of a vast syllabus, if you begin your preparation late you will definitely feel difficulty in recollecting information during the exam.By hearting is not important, what really matters is understanding.Never be reluctant to ask  your doubts to the concerned teachers.For the better understanding of the topics, you can take the help of video lessons.Physics should be learned on a daily basis so that you won’t feel difficulty at the end.




Just like Physics, chemistry also should be studied on a daily basis.For chemistry, you are advised to maintain two notebooks one for physical chemistry and another one for organic chemistry alone.From the beginning  itself start practicing all the in-text questions, example questions, and exercise questions.Apart from the textbook, you have to refer some additional guide such as xam idea,xam kit or any other guides usually preferred by you.Chapters like P, D and F blocks are very important as they carry more marks compared to other chapters.You have to refer maximum reasoning questions from these chapters because truly speaking there are infinitely many different types of questions from these chapters.You have to keep revising them often.When you are learning chemistry its always preferred to focus on the main points rather than mugging up the entire study material. From the chapters like general principles of extraction, chemistry in everyday life and biomolecules concentrate mainly on the previous year, repeated and sure questions.That will be enough for you to score better in these chapters .These chapters carry approximately 3 marks each.Then when talking about organic chemistry, you should revise all the name reactions and practice more and more reasoning questions and conversions.Along with name reactions revise all the important formulae very often or else you will get confused and jumbled up.When you get a numerical question pen down all the given data and never forget to write the answer along with the SI unit at the end or else you will definitely lose marks.Many concepts from grade 11 are continued in grade 12 therefore without a clear understanding of grade 11 portion you will feel some difficulty in learning chemistry in grade 12.Chemistry is considered as a scoring subject after English if you are vigilant from the beginning.For the better understanding of certain topics, you can watch video classes available on the youtube.




Learning maths is like a perpetual cycle.Sometimes I used to feel that maths is like a toddler as it seeks constant attention.Maths should be practiced for about minimum 3 hours daily.You should practice the entire NCERT textbook including all example questions and miscellaneous questions.After practicing them then go for some useful guides and past papers which will let you excel in maths.Never sit for studying maths with a mindset like “Maths is very difficult and I can never score well in it”.Most of the students feel that maths is very difficult and they ignore it even without giving a try.If you are a  science student then maths is really important.According to me, I will suggest for 10 th graders who are looking forward to opting for science stream the best option is either science with maths or science with bio & maths together.I feel that science without maths is complete absurd .Maths forms the basis of all the subjects in science stream.Dancing without music actually sounds’nt it?same way science without maths sounds really absurd.Write down all the formulae of maths not only those given in grade 12 syllabus but also all the basic formulae.If possible paste a paper containing all the important formulae in your study room so that you constantly revise all the formulae.Calculus carries more marks, therefore, practice more and more questions.There is no shortcut to gain better marks in maths, you have to practice as much as possible.




Informatics practices is a very interesting subject.If you need to score better marks in IP then you should be completely perfect with grade 11 basics of java and MYSQL.As I have mentioned in other subjects practice more and more past papers.Experiment and explore.Try out creating your own programs.Grow beyond the limits(syllabus).Informatics is a scoring subject so you need not worry ..




Some of the above-mentioned tips I understood from my mistakes .So I kindly request all my young readers to be vigilant from the beginning and never give yourself a chance to regret.Its my humble request.All the very best to all my friends, prepare well and come out with flying colors




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